Our story started a lifetime ago in Coonawarra, South Australia back in 1974. Graham started working in the vineyards for Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate in the rich terra rossa soils and instantly Graham was hooked!
From Wynn’s he went on to manage the nearby Rymill Vineyard developing new vineyards and growing techniques for 14.years until a fresh change was in the wind and Western Australia beckoned in the early 90’s. He and his young family found themselves in the beautiful Pemberton wine region in the south west corner of Western Australia. A dilapidated vineyard with potential to make something very special was waiting for just the right person and here we arrived.

Such a  idyllic spot on the map and a great place to grow Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. With the vineyard now producing premium grapes., a new opportunity arose back in South Australia. A grower secured Graham to develop and manage new vineyards and consult to fellow growers in Langhorne Creek wine region. During this time he spent some time in Victoria at Great Western.
He then moved on to a new challenge working for Nepenthe Wines in Langhorne Creek and the Adelaide Hills, dealing with the attraction and complexities of growing grapes in cool and Mediterranean climates. This was around the time that the “corporates” moved in and began to swallow up the little guys.

After this time Graham has continued his association with viticulture by his association with different vineyards across Langhorne Creek and the Adelaide Hills in a more casual form by assisting during the busy periods of the year. You can’t take the viti out of a viticulturist!
But from nurturing vines for other people Graham and Kathryn have now arrived at this point. Our globe trotting wine making friend of 38 years has partnered with us to offer a range of wines that showcase the distinct characteristics of wine varieties and regions. And what wines they are.

The Fence Sitter Barbed Wire

Having the wines is fine but we need a label.
In making a decision about the label for our leap into selling wine we didn’t have to look very far to come up with  “the fence sitter”.

Staring us in the face on our lounge room wall at home was a wonderful charcoal drawing by the artist Stephen Hederics.  Purchased many years ago from one of his exhibitions at Local Images, Penola, South Australia   it depicts a rustic strainer post and fence line adorned by a crow.

The search for a label name had ended – we had the name and now to set in motion the makings of our new business.

The wines were sitting in bottles just waiting to be lovingly wrapped and adorned in the arms of “the fence sitter” labels and caps.

And what a delight it was when we finally had the labels in hand ready to be affixed to our wonderful bottles of wine.

We had jumped the fence and taken a great leap into our new venture.